Do you have a project to build your house? Based in Cowansville, Hamann Construction, offers you its expertise for the optimization of residential construction work.

The construction of a residence, a project to be well studied!

Building a house turns out to be a real large-scale project. Indeed, before even considering starting the work, several tasks must be accomplished. In addition to the choice of land, viable or not, you must first obtain the building permit, provide access to the various water, gas, electricity and telephone distribution networks.

In addition, there is the need to build according to the construction standards in force while taking care to respect the specificities of the project, namely the dimensions and shapes of the future dwelling. Fortunately, for more convenience, residential construction is offered by real professionals.

Entrust the construction of your home to Hamann Construction. Our team of contractors ensures quality work in Granby, Bromont, Cowansville or Sutton.

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